The 7 Ps Of Internet Marketing That You Should Be Aware Of

Irrespective of the scale of your business, if you neglect internet marketing then you would probably lose out on the most powerful tool for your business. For a better understanding of internet marketing, you need to be familiar with 7 Ps of internet marketing, and your marketing strategy should revolve around them. Following are the 7 Ps of internet marketing and how they can help you achieve your goals:

Product: Internet, over the years, has transformed the way business is done. Most businesses these days promote their products through various online tools and platforms. However, the quality of the product remains the most essential ingredient of any successful business venture. A marketable and distinct product not only builds your credibility but also helps you attract new customers and retain them.

Price: Internet enables a buyer to compare the prices offered by various sellers for the same product, which gives them a great deal of flexibility to choose the right seller. A competitive pricing would help you gain more business.

Place: When you market your product online, internet becomes your marketing channel and helps you reach a wide range of customers that may not be possible through a conventional marketing model. Singapore is fast becoming a global business hub and internet marketing in Singapore should be an essential part of your business.

Promotion: Promotion is extremely important for any business to raise awareness of its products and services. Promoting your business on the internet is easier and cost-effective compared to traditional advertisement methods; however, you need to understand the medium to optimize your efforts and resources.

Presentation: When it comes to presentation of your products online, you have the control over the whole process. Appearance of your website and the navigation tools define the engagement of the viewers on the page.

Processes: One of the essential parts of marketing is customer support and hence, it should be integrated into the site. Your customers should be able to interact with the representatives of your business on the page, who would address their issues and provide information and guidance as and when necessary.

Personalization: Customization allows you to design your website as per the requirements of the users. Based on your customers’ preferences, you can offer them the option to choose from a different range of layouts that they would be comfortable with.

Before implementing your marketing practices, it is important to understand your customers to ensure a smooth functioning of the business. Internet has a wide range of customers across the globe and Singapore is no exception, and hence understanding them would help you run your internet marketing in Singapore without hiccups.

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