Using social media to grow your business

The reason why a lot of people start up a business is to make a profit. Starting a business is not easy, and sustaining it is even more difficult. In order for you as a business owner to grow your business and achieve your goals, you are going to have to expand your horizons and learn from the leaders in your industry.

Most businesses know how to reach their audience using the traditional media’s (print, TV and radio). Presently, traditional media’s are not yielding good results and this because a lot of people has slowly stopped using them and are now spending large chunks of their time on their favorite social media site.

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The following article by KRMD discusses how businesses can use social media to increase their profit opportunities.

Understanding Social Media to Increase Profit Opportunities

Entrepreneurs and business people alike, all share a common goal: making a profit. The ways in which they reach their profit goals, however, can often vary widely, depending on their business practices, knowledge, and especially marketing acumen. Most brands and companies understand the ability to affect revenue and profit from a traditional media perspective (i.e. – T.V., radio, print, and web advertising), however, it is also important to understand the new role of social media (i.e. – Facebook, Twitter, site blogs, etc.) Read more here

You likely now know how you can effectively use social media to increase your profit. But, do you know that social media can have a positive impact on your entire business?

The following article by shed light on a couple of ways your business can benefit from social media.

Benefits of social media for business

If used wisely, social media can be a powerful business tool. Some of the opportunities and benefits of social media can include:


The most obvious opportunity is to generate revenue. This can be done through building a community or advertising your products or services within the social media platform. If you choose to advertise in social media, the ads can either link back to your business’ social media page or sometimes to your website. Read more here.

You definitely now know how social media can benefit your business. Another effective way for you to further increase the overall outreach of your business is through marketing. Choosing between traditional marketing and digital marketing can be a real challenge.

The following article by Chavan Mayur shed more light on digital and traditional marketing.

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Which method of marketing will give me the best reach and best return on investment for the money I spend?

This is the question marketers are tackling every day. Traditional marketing Vs Digital marketing is still one of the major debates in most corporates when making their marketing strategy!

But definitely, digital marketing is gaining its share of importance. Read more here.

 Final note

Businesses that are using the various social media platforms that are available are better able to reach their target audience and increase their revenue. If you want your business to grow, you have to use social media to reach your target audience. Another thing you should take very seriously is marketing. Of course, it can be a real challenge to choose between digital and traditional marketing. But if you do some research you will be able to determine the one that will work best for you.

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The 7 Ps Of Internet Marketing That You Should Be Aware Of

Irrespective of the scale of your business, if you neglect internet marketing then you would probably lose out on the most powerful tool for your business. For a better understanding of internet marketing, you need to be familiar with 7 Ps of internet marketing, and your marketing strategy should revolve around them. Following are the 7 Ps of internet marketing and how they can help you achieve your goals:

Product: Internet, over the years, has transformed the way business is done. Most businesses these days promote their products through various online tools and platforms. However, the quality of the product remains the most essential ingredient of any successful business venture. A marketable and distinct product not only builds your credibility but also helps you attract new customers and retain them.

Price: Internet enables a buyer to compare the prices offered by various sellers for the same product, which gives them a great deal of flexibility to choose the right seller. A competitive pricing would help you gain more business.

Place: When you market your product online, internet becomes your marketing channel and helps you reach a wide range of customers that may not be possible through a conventional marketing model. Singapore is fast becoming a global business hub and internet marketing in Singapore should be an essential part of your business.

Promotion: Promotion is extremely important for any business to raise awareness of its products and services. Promoting your business on the internet is easier and cost-effective compared to traditional advertisement methods; however, you need to understand the medium to optimize your efforts and resources.

Presentation: When it comes to presentation of your products online, you have the control over the whole process. Appearance of your website and the navigation tools define the engagement of the viewers on the page.

Processes: One of the essential parts of marketing is customer support and hence, it should be integrated into the site. Your customers should be able to interact with the representatives of your business on the page, who would address their issues and provide information and guidance as and when necessary.

Personalization: Customization allows you to design your website as per the requirements of the users. Based on your customers’ preferences, you can offer them the option to choose from a different range of layouts that they would be comfortable with.

Before implementing your marketing practices, it is important to understand your customers to ensure a smooth functioning of the business. Internet has a wide range of customers across the globe and Singapore is no exception, and hence understanding them would help you run your internet marketing in Singapore without hiccups.

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5 Tips To Create An Amazingly Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook marketing helps better communication between the seller and the buyer, whatever the size of the business may be. Posts on Pages, Groups, and Ads bring in potential local, regional or global customers to help your business grow.

To better promote your venture, you need to work on making your Facebook Ad campaign unique and successful. Here are 5 tips to create an amazingly successful Facebook Ad campaign.

Create a community

An informative advert just isn’t enough to reach your target audience. Make sure you align your packaging and interests with that of the consumer. A sure way to hold the attention of your audience is to create campaigns that add value to their lives. Don’t focus on likes and shares alone; be loyal to the values of the customers, and they will be loyal to you.

Watch what you share

Always keep an eye on your content. Avoid posts that are offensive. Start with analyzing what has worked in the past, what’s keeping the audience hooked. Most of the time, you will find campaigns with a human touch have been the most successful.

Use technology liberally

Facebook images and videos are the way to go these days. When you convey a clear, short and precise message, in a fun way, interaction becomes a lot easier, and your audience is encouraged to respond to your digital content.

Keep them guessing!

For a successful Facebook Ad campaign, capture attention of the audience and sustain it. Keep them hooked, by means of creating a suspense, or by asking them questions and waiting to reveal an answer they are going to love, and people are going to stay on for more!

Watch what your competitors are doing!

It is quite common to lose track of competition while you are working on making your own campaign work. Keeping yourself updated on the trends in the industry and proven strategies, is essential to make your Facebook Ad campaign a success. Watch your competitors closely, in some cases do what they do, but do it while staying true to your own identity!

A successful Facebook Ad campaign combines brand and user loyalty, relevant values, interesting content, and a healthy dose of suspense and current trends. Want to know more about Facebook marketing in Singapore ? Click on Facebook Marketing in Singapore to learn amazing possibilities for your venture.

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